Fly screens with small thickness


Mini format fly screens have an amount of space of just few mm when they are slid on a side. We are not talking about small fly screens with very small sizes, which will obviously depend on the dimension of your window or door, but about the reduced amount of space taken up by the screen once it is completely closed on itself. They represent a very important innovation both from an aesthetic point of view – since your fly screens can become almost invisible – and from a practical point of view – since these fly screens require a very small amount of space to be installed.


Among the range of Noflystore’s products, the fly screen which has the thinnest profile is the pleated Platinum.05. The mesh needs just 13 mm once it is completely closed and the fly screen totally requires 18 mm to be installed. An ultimate record in the field of fly screens with reduced amount of space. This feature is also important, because it makes our Platinum.05 a model that can be easily installed on every kind of door or French door, even when the space between the door and the rolling shutter is really small. The assembly of such mini format fly screens is extremely simple and you can easily install them thanks to the precise and clear instructions you can find on Noflystore website. Mini format, great advantages!

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