Fly screens with anti-pollen screen


Not only insects and flies...those who have a pollen allergy can face even worse troubles than by having insect flying in their home. For this reason Noflystore gives you the opportunity to choose the anti-pollen mesh for all its fly screens, except for the pleated ones. This represents an essential solution for those who suffer from allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis (pink eye) or allergic asthma. Having an anti-pollen mesh is very easy. While configuring your fly screen, you just need to choose it in the box “choose the net”. The only limitation concerns the colour of the mesh, since it is now available in black only; however, we are pretty sure this will not be a problem for those who want to protect their health against a very dangerous parasite.  


Noflystore wanted to test its anti-pollen meshes in order to prove their effectiveness during full and low bloom. This test has been conducted by a highly qualified group in a kind of “pollen area” made up of two rooms connected by a window. Different types of pollen– birch, nettle, ambrosia –  have been introduced in the first room; the number of pollen in the other room has been compared before and after closing the window thanks to a fly screen with an anti-pollen mesh.

The results showed the effectiveness of the anti-pollen mesh to stop the pollen in the air for all the above mentioned plants (from 90% to 100% of success). This is an important guarantee for all those who suffer from pollen allergy, giving them one more reason to choose Noflystore’s high quality products. 

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