Fly screens for pets


Once upon a time they were holes on fly screens, which were also besieged by dogs or completely scratched by cats almost like the paintings of the famous Lucio Fontana. An inconvenience that many people remember not so much for the anti-aesthetic factor as for the inflow of mosquitoes and insects that these "cuts" could cause.

Today, fortunately, you can avoid all these problems with pet- friendly fly screens with a Pet Screen: this special net thanks to a PVC "coating" is more resistant against the aggression of cats, dogs, rodents, and any type of pet in general, even the most "terrible". It is important to remember that PVC (Polyvinyl Clorulo) is a synthetic material similar to plastic, which does not involve any risk for the health of our friends. After the first failed attempt, it is most likely that the animals will avoid relentlessly attacks to the screen, leaving in peace your fly screen.


At NoFlyStore we could obviously give you the opportunity to protect your fly screen against "scratches". This option is available for any model, suitable for doors and windows: from the roller fly screens to the fixed to the sliding, up to the hinged fly screens. Just choose the option of a Pet Screen during the  configuration of your fly screen and choose its colour between black and gray. In few clicks you will get your pet-friendly screen in plastic fiberglass. In addition, if you want to allow your dog or cat to easily come and go through the door or the window, you can write us or contact us online to check the option to order an ad-hoc panel with swing-up doors to be applied on the bottom of fly screen. The "cat flap" so to speak!

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