Noflystore roll up fly screens | high quality roll up fly screens


Noflystore roll-up fly screens are characterized by a small box containing a rolling tube on which the mesh of the fly screen rolls up.

Noflystore presents in its catalogue side and vertical roller fly screens: the first type is ideal for doors and French doors, while the second one is advisable for windows.

The roll up fly screens are made-to-measure and need a simple and easy installation.

The main factor of choice of this kind of fly screen is in its extreme comfort of use: they can be completely opened or closed by rolling them in the roller box through a spring mechanism or by a cord every time you need, unlike the panel fly screens or fixed ones  which have another assembly and dismantling procedure.

The only disadvantage of the rolling fly screens compared to fixed fly or hinged ones is the amount of space of the box in which the roller tube is placed; but in case of Noflystore roll-up fly screens, the difference is almost insignificant: each element has been projected in order to reduce the size of the box as more as possible.

But the advantages of Noflystore rolling fly screens don’t stop here: in addition to their small size, Noflystore ensures an attractive appearance, extreme robustness, long-term warranty, free shipment, free replacement in case of mistakes from customer in transmitting the measurements, and very affordable prices which do not fear the competition of high quality fly screens market.

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