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Essential during the summer months, fly screens are used to defend against harmful and in some cases dangerous insects.

What is the price of a fly screen?

Prices of fly screens are high specially for those of the last generation. There are many different types of fly screens which meet different requirements and therefore their price changes as well.

If you choose a roll-up fly screen, you will pay around 40€/sq.m.

The price of a vertical (or horizontal) roller fly screen having a roller box of 50mm, with a fibreglass mesh or “Pet screen mesh” if you have domestic animals is generally low: around 35/40 € per sq.m. The price will increase a little bit if you choose options like a friction (very useful because it allows to slow down the closure in case of accidental opening) or the lower rail (which allows easy passage)

If you want to install the fly screen on an area of frequent passage, you can opt for an Hinged fly screen with one or two shutters.

This solution is very appreciated by those who have pets (because it’s possible to add a movable panel which allows animals to come in and out), and it has usually the following features:

  •     Aluminium frame in different colours

  •     Magnetic closure that can adapt to all types of doors.

  •     The “L” frame (has an opening of 90°) or the “Z” frame (has an opening of 180°);

  •     Mesh with the “pet screen” technology

The price of this type of fly screen varies between 60 and 90 Euros/sq.m.

Generally higher are prices for last generation pleated fly screens (from 80 Euros/sq.m.).

Practical, innovative and with modern design, the pleated fly screen is easy to install and provides maximum comfort; perfect for French doors, it has “traditional lower rails” of different heights depending on the type of pleated fly screen you choose.

Manufactured in aluminium, it is possible to produce this fly screen with one or two shutters; it has a magnetic closure and a pleated mesh of last generation and offers the possibility to cover large openings.

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