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Fly screens cost


The total cost to protect your house with fly screens can go from 200 to 800 Euros: it depends on the models you choose.

Traditional Fixed fly screens are the most affordable because they allow you to save money not only for the assembly, but also for the required material for the installation: in fact, the cost of this type of fly screen can stop at 40 Euros per window; after that we have the roll-up and finally the pleated ones, which have a pleated mesh that slide horizontally; the last category is the most innovative and expensive.

In the case of roll-up fly screens, the mesh needs a set of accessories that allows the traction, while the little buttons, the side band and the anti-wind brush help to maintain the mesh well drawn; in this way it will be able to prevent the insects to enter your house and to resist to the wind. The side band on the mesh also helps it not to tear up and to be easily put back in it place in case it comes out of the rail.

The fabric of mesh is the most expensive item among the components used for a fly screen; fibreglass is an elastic material which, thanks to its mechanical and physical properties, is used for different goals: it’s light and resistant, strong and flexible, that’s why it can cost up to 5 Euros/sqm. The cost of the fly screen increases according to the customization you do, such as the colour of the aluminium frame.

The only expense that our customers will face is the cost of a fly screen which really fits their needs with a big saving of money and time.

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